05 December, 2023

3 tips to combine super accounts for a merrier Christmas

As the holiday spirit fills the air, here’s a gift that keeps on giving! This festive season, discover how combining your super into a single account could be the ultimate gift to your future self.

Hot chips and sauce. Thongs and summer. Batman and Robin. Socks.

Some things just work better together.

Here are three reasons to keep your super together too.

1. It's easier to keep track of

You don’t think about super every day, so it can be easy to lose track of it. Having one account simplifies your life admin.

2. You can save on fees

Multiple super accounts = multiple sets of super fees. Over years, this adds up and can have a serious impact on your overall super balance.

3.It’s quick and easy

Finding and combining your super online can be done in minutes! Sorted.

Things to consider

Combining super makes things easy and can save you money, but there are things to consider before going ahead.

Performance - fees and performance differ from fund to fund. Make sure you're combining into a fund that provides great value.

Insurance - combining super may close your old super accounts and cancel any insurance attached to them. Make sure you're not giving up any cover you need.

Tax - you won't be able to claim a tax deduction or split contributions on any contributions you transfer into your chosen fund.

Investments - if combining into Spirit Super, all transferred money will be invested in your current chosen future transaction investment strategy.

Combine your super

Use our Find and combine tool in Member Online to find super you might have with other funds or super that’s being held by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Or, you can log in to your MyGov account and combine through the ATO.

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