14 May, 2024

Get moving, stay healthy: your guide to improved fitness and mobility

MetLife 360Health’s Fitness and Mobility program can help you improve your general health and fitness, or support with your recovery from injury or surgery.

Why fitness and mobility matter 

Being active is about more than just looking well, it's a key to a healthier life.1 Regular exercise can boost your heart health, manage your weight, increase your flexibility, improve your mental health and lower the risk of long term illnesses. By adding fitness and mobility exercises to your daily life, you could see a surge in your strength, energy, and overall happiness.

Set realistic fitness goals

The first step in your fitness journey is setting goals that you can actually achieve.3 Whether you want to shed some weight, build muscle, or just move more every day, having clear goals keeps you focused and helps track your success. Start small and then up the ante as you go. 

Cardio for heart and health

Cardio exercises are great for your heart and moving better.4 Things like a quick walk, a jog, swimming, cycling, or even dancing can get your heart pumping. Try to hit at least 150 minutes of these activities a week for the best results.5 

Strength training for mobility

To move better, you need to be strong.6 Lifting weights, doing bodyweight exercises, or resistance training builds your muscles, makes your bones stronger, and keeps your joints in good shape. 

Don't forget to stretch 

Stretching is key for staying limber and avoiding injuries.7 A regular stretching routine can make your muscles more flexible, improve how your joints move, and even fix your posture. 

Balance and stability 

Good balance and stability can keep you upright and injury-free, especially as you get older.8 Practices like Tai Chi, yoga, or specific exercises designed for balance are great for this. 

Consistency is key

Staying consistent with your exercise routine is vital. Find something you love to do like walking, dancing, hiking, or a team sport. Enjoying your exercise makes it easier to stick to and a lot more fun. Starting now, even with small steps, can lead to big improvements in your active and mobile lifestyle.

MetLife 360Health Fitness and Mobility

As a Spirit Super member, MetLife 360Health gives you, your partner, your children, your parents and parents-in-law access to support for fitness and mobility, whether you're looking to boost your overall health or recover from an injury or surgery. Awarded Best Overall Health and Wellness Program 20239, discover more today.

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