12 January, 2023

Go digital with super in 2023

A little bit now goes a long way later 

Looking to get your super off to a flying start this year? Start by going digital!  

By signing up to Member Online and downloading the Spirit Super app, you can view and manage your account anytime. Plus, you’ll never lose track of your super again. 

Not convinced? Here are 5 great reasons to go digital in 2023.  

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1. Keep a closer eye on your super 

According to the financial comparison site Finder1, there are 23.2 million super accounts in Australia and over 3.4 trillion dollars invested in the super system. Despite this, only 33% of Australians only check their super balance at least once every three months.  

Shockingly, 10% never check their balance at all! 

Going digital with your super lets you quickly and easily access and view your account anytime, anyplace. 

While you don’t have to check your balance every day, Spirit Super's Education Specialist Tim Lambert says checking in every few months is ideal.  

‘Some people love seeing their balance go up each pay, but if you’re in the right investment option, you probably don’t need to check your balance too often — maybe once or twice a year,’ said Tim.  

‘What’s more important is to regularly check that your employer is paying you the right amount of super. They need to pay your super at least quarterly, so a quick peek at your transaction history every three months or so can help you make sure you’re getting what you deserve.’  

2. No more ‘lost’ accounts 

Did you know there’s about $13.8 billion in lost or unclaimed superannuation sitting with the ATO2? That’s a lot of super doing nothing for your retirement! 

Super can be deemed ‘lost’ or ‘unclaimed’ in a number of situations, usually when there's been no activity on your account for a period of time and your super fund can't contact you. 

When this happens, super funds must send your account balance to the ATO for safe keeping. 

Often this occurs because you change jobs and open a new super account, but don’t update your contact details on your old account. 

It can also happen if you take extended leave from work (such as parental leave) and forget to update your details.  

Or perhaps you moved house or changed your name… and forgot to update your details.  

See the trend here? 

Going digital makes it easy to keep your contact details up to date, regardless of what else is changing in your life.  

As a bonus, you can also choose how and why we get in touch by updating your personal communications preferences. These can be managed in Member Online anytime. 

3. Get hands-on with your account 

Apart from checking your balance and updating your details, there are plenty of other useful ways to manage your account online.  

With Member online, you can:

  • view your transaction history and statements 
  • access BPAY® details to make personal and spouse contributions 
  • claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions
  • check how much you've contributed to your Spirit Super account against the contribution caps
  • view and manage your insurance cover 
  • submit an insurance claim
  • view and change your investment options
  • set communication preferences
  • view your beneficiaries, add or update your non-binding nominations and renew binding nominations
  • add your tax file number
  • combine your super into your Spirit Super account
  • provide your super details to your employers.
® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Long gone are the days when looking after your super was a hassle. Now, the majority of tasks can be done with a few clicks or swipes.  

4. Access your statements and letters from one place 

Getting letters is fun but keeping all the important ones in the same place can get messy. 

Go digital and access your annual statement and important updates the moment they’re ready. This will save you time each tax season and means less clutter around the house. 

5. Help us go green  

Paper is great, but so are trees. By accessing your statements digitally, we can all reduce our carbon footprint and breathe a little easier.  


1 - Superannuation statistics 2022 
2 -There is $13.8 billion in lost and unclaimed super. Could any of it be yours? 

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