30 June, 2021

Making super contributions for your staff

Do you know what information to supply when you make a super contribution for your staff?

We’d like to clear up a bit of confusion around the information you need to supply us with when you make super contributions for your employees.

How do we match contributions?

Spirit Super matches contributions with these main pieces of information:

  • member name
  • date of birth
  • tax file number
  • address.

Do you need to supply member numbers?

There’s no need to supply member numbers, however we understand that some payroll systems require you to enter one. In that case, if you don’t have your staff member’s member number, we suggest you enter their employee ID number in its place.

Make sure names are accurate

Our straight-through processing requires the name you supply and the name we have on record to match exactly. So when you enter a name, please make sure that it’s accurate and doesn’t include abbreviations or nicknames.

What not to include

It’s important not to use alternative contact details for your employees. For example, if you enter a group email address for one of your employees, that will be the email address we use to contact them. Not only would this be inconvenient both for them and for you, it can also be viewed as a breach of Anti-Money Laundering Laws.

Still have questions?

At Spirit Super, we help you meet your super responsibilities quickly and easily, leaving you more time to spend running your business. If you have any questions, see How we support your business or call us on 1800 005 166.