20 April, 2022

Paying our respects to Doug Fry

Spirit Super, its Trustees, staff and nominating organisations are deeply saddened at the recent passing of one of its founding directors, and longest serving Chair, Doug Fry. 

Spirit Super Board Chair, Naomi Edwards, said Doug Fry’s legacy is significant, and could be found across Tasmania and around Australia. “Hundreds of thousands of Tasmanians have directly benefited from the fund Doug helped establish. His energy and commitment to Tasmanian workers has built a perpetual legacy that remains strong today thanks to his foresight, dedication and hard work. Tasmanians right across the State have had, and can look forward to, a better and more dignified retirement thanks to the superannuation fund Doug helped to establish and grow.”

Doug was a key player in the establishment of Tasplan and served as Chair for 11 years. He had the vision to extend Tasplan’s reach beyond Tasmania, initiating growth opportunities that have helped to make Spirit Super what it is today – a multi-industry fund built for hard working Australians, with a strong base in Tasmania and a national footprint. His background in the Clerks Union motivated him to create a fund that delivered dignity and comfort in retirement, existing solely to deliver value for members. “Doug is remembered as an excellent Chair who worked together with other Directors to achieve consensus. He was a hard worker, fastidious and a straight shooter who worked productively with employers without ever forgetting the importance of superannuation to working people.”

Doug was jointly awarded Trustee of the Year by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees in 2009 in recognition of the significant contribution he made to the governance of superannuation. A man of faith and a keen golfer Doug adored his family. Spirit Super extends its sympathy to his wife Jan, children Michael, Simon, Rachel, Justin and Kate, and to his grandchildren and great grandchildren.