01 April, 2022

It's Spirit Super's first birthday

CEO Jason Murray
Jason Murray
Chief Executive Officer
On Spirit Super’s first birthday, CEO Jason Murray reflects on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. ‘We’re off to a great start, but this is only the beginning.’

With over 324,000 members and over 25 billion funds under management, Spirit Super is an industry super fund for hardworking Australians. We have a new name, but our dedication to our members is still the same.

For over 30 years we've supported the motor trades and have promoted and backed their workers and apprentices as their industry has changed and evolved.  For over 100 years, we've supported the Tasmanian workforce as it has strengthened its communities and taken the state from strength to strength.

This is a history that we are very proud of and a commitment that we carry on as Spirit Super.

It's an exciting time for the fund.

We're now a truly national super fund, supporting workers across all industries. Our member base has grown significantly, allowing us to keep fees low while continuing to improve our products, services, and advice offerings. We're also looking to leverage our scale to invest in new and exciting quality assets such as Parliament Square in Hobart and Geelong Port in Victoria. This will provide great value for your super for many years to come and can help us reinvigorate regional Australia.

Spirit Super is off to a great start, but this is only the beginning.

The future is bright and full of opportunities.

Our focus now is to consolidate and build upon the excellent work we've already done.

We're going to keep listening to our members and keep finding new and better ways to improve our products, services, and advice so you can have more in retirement as a profit for member industry super fund, everything we do is for your benefit.

We look forward to delivering on that promise and remember, it all starts with spirit.