24 August, 2022

Spirit members enjoy the best service in super

As a fund that returns profits to members, it’s in our nature to put our members first. While our history of strong performance and low fees is helping to grow your super, it helps to know that you’ll also receive great customer service when you need it.

Our promise at Spirit Super is delivering service you can count on. That’s why our service delivery team see themselves as your partners as you save for retirement and beyond.

Spirit Super has recently been awarded best customer experience in super from Customer Service Benchmarking Australia. As part of the firm’s SenseCX benchmarking report, which considers the ease, sentiment and success of customer interactions, Spirit came out on top.

CSBA also awarded Spirit Super most consistent customer service in 2021.

In Finder’s Superannuation satisfaction scores Spirit Super only just missed out on top place, coming second. We’re so proud that 95% of members surveyed said they’d recommend Spirit Super to a friend.

But we’re not letting the success go to our head. Spirit Super CEO Jason Murray says “with our increased capacity, capabilities and bold new vision, our focus now is to build upon the excellent work we've already done. This means continuing to listen to our members and finding new and better ways to improve our products, services, and advice so you can have more in retirement. As a profit for member industry super fund, everything we do is for your benefit. I look forward to delivering on that promise — with spirit.”

Naomi Edwards, Spirit Super Chair agrees.

“While awards are never our focus — that’s you and your super — they're a good sign we’re giving you the information and support you need, how and when you need it. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to maintain our high standards and continue to give you the value, service and support you deserve.”

Spirit Super Chair Naomi Edwards has reflected on the last 12 months, that has been a challenging one for many.

“I know that many of our members are living in a time of great uncertainty, with rising interest rates, rising food, rent and petrol prices and a new post-Covid work environment. Our goal is to make sure super is not one of the things you need to worry about. We want you to feel confident, well informed and valued by your super fund. Your super is a long term and crucial asset for you and your family. While all super funds experienced extreme market volatility over 2021/22, we want to be the leading national fund in giving you personal service that helps build your confidence about your super so that you can always make the right decisions.”

So whether you call, email or meet with a member of the Spirit Super team you can feel confident that you’re getting award winning service.


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