08 September, 2022

Super Education: zooming to a screen near you

We speak with Education Specialist Tim about how COVID-19 has resulted in more educational opportunities for our members.

The rapid move to online learning that came out of COVID-19 has extended beyond schools – it’s also changed how we deliver super education.

Recently we spoke with Education Specialist Tim about how webinars enable us to reach more members than ever before.

How has COVID-19 changed your role?

Before COVID, we travelled around the country to present seminars to members in person. To continue delivering these seminars, we had to adapt really quickly.

Initially, we found ourselves on a steep learning curve. The education team consumed as much information as we could about how to deliver seminars in an online environment because it’s very different from presenting in person. We thoroughly tested everything before going live because we wanted to get it right. But we didn’t have much time to adjust – it had to happen very quickly.

What are the main benefits of webinars?

Webinars let us reach members wherever they are. So, I can be in Melbourne presenting a Maximise your super webinar to members in Perth, Darwin, Queensland — anywhere around the country all at the same time. The best part is members can attend from the comfort of their own homes or even when they’re on the bus on their way home from work. We also run each session a couple times a month, so if a member misses one, there’s always another one happening soon!

Do you ever watch your presentations back?

As much as it’s uncomfortable watching yourself on screen, it’s a fantastic way to improve how you’re going about things. With a face-to-face seminar, there just isn’t that option.

Have you ever experienced technical issues?

Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but my internet did crash once when I was doing a webinar, and my computer screen just went black. It was fortunate that it was right near the end of the presentation, and my co-presenter was more than capable of stepping in. We always have someone on standby, so if a presenter has technical issues, someone can jump in and pick it up.

What feedback have you received from members along the way?

We’ve learnt that members prefer to have multiple presenters. So, we usually have two presenters who do half a session each. It gives a nice change of pace and some variety.

What are the webinar topics you’re running?

We run seminars on a range of topics, from retirement, investments, Centrelink and growing super. There’s something for everyone.

Obviously, a lot of the topics are for members who are getting close to retiring but Maximise your super and Making the right investment choice are valuable for all ages, particularly those new to the workforce. Making sure you’re in the right investment option is important because it can make a big difference to your balance at retirement.

Do members have a chance to ask questions during a webinar?

Yes, absolutely. Throughout the webinar, members can type their questions, and we answer them throughout the session. Sometimes in a face-to-face seminar, people can be a bit nervous about asking a question in front of a group. So, this is a less confronting way for those members to speak up and get the answers they need.

What’s the most common question you get asked?

The one that comes up constantly is, “How much do I need to retire?”. The answer varies depending on the type of lifestyle a member wants, so it can be tricky. But, we have a great new online tool called Compare my spend. It gives you an idea of what you’re likely to spend in retirement based on the expenses of retirees in your region.

The tool also provides insights into how people’s spending changes throughout retirement, which is interesting. Generally, people spend more in the first few years of retirement and then it reduces over time.

How can members register to attend webinars?

The webinar dates and times are on our Events page. You simply scroll down the page, find a date and time that works for you, click the register link and enter your details. You’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to the webinar.

Do you still run face-to-face seminars?

Yes, we do! They’re also listed on our Events page.


Check out our upcoming webinars

Tim sums it up well when he says, “The purpose of all our member events is to arm members with information that will empower them to make better decisions about their super. Knowledge is power, so if we can give them information that improves their overall position when it comes time to no longer work, that’s a really positive thing.”

So, head to our Events page now and register to attend one of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming webinars

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