01 November, 2021

Team Spirit profile: Terry

For Education Specialist, Terry, being able to help others is the most rewarding thing about his job.

Not showing up at work on your first day isn’t ideal, but Terry had a pretty good excuse.

‘It was August 2015, and I’d just returned to Hobart after visiting my son in tropical Florida. I was looking forward to starting my new role in Member Services with Tasplan the day after I got back, except it snowed to sea level, and I couldn’t make it out of my driveway’.

Six years later and Terry, originally from Newcastle, has moved on from Member Services and into the position of Education Specialist, a role which sees him out on the road hosting member seminars and other events.

‘My role is to educate our members about all things super. So, what they should consider in the lead-up to retirement, how to make additional contributions, reviewing their insurance and investment strategies, keeping their account details up-to-date, nominating beneficiaries. It’s all about getting out into the community and helping our members get their super sorted.’

Research has found that many Australians miss out on potential savings because they don’t know where to find the right super information for their needs1.

‘When I get out and speak with members in the community about super, one of the most common things they say is that it’s just all too hard, and so they put their super on the backburner and don’t take any action. So, it’s all about making it simple so they understand and can do something about it.’

When members do decide to act, it’s often due to a significant life event, such as a financial windfall or when retirement is looming.

‘Most people come to see us when they turn a certain age. They’re nearing retirement and starting to wonder what they need to do to retire. That’s when they start to connect with us.’

Our super experts are located all around the country and, depending on where you’re located, we can come to you.

‘We know our members are busy, and that’s why we like to get out on the road and visit them.’

‘Throughout the year, we hold education sessions and events around the country, which allow us to see people who we wouldn’t ordinarily get to meet with face-to-face.’

If a dream job means doing something you’re good at and feeling that you’re making a difference, Terry has hit the jackpot.

‘The thing I find most rewarding about my job is being able to help others. I had a member come up to me recently who’d lost her husband. He’d always looked after the finances. She didn’t know what was going on with her super and didn’t know how to log in to her account. So, I showed her how to download the Spirit Super app and helped her log in to her account. I showed her how she could update her details and even make a withdrawal within the app. She was so grateful that someone had taken the time to explain things in simple terms. When I get that sort of reaction, it’s such a good feeling’.

Spirit Super also holds information sessions on a range of topics to help members manage and grow their super.

‘We hold in-person seminars in workplaces and in the community. And for those who we can’t get to, we hold webinars. This enables anyone to jump online and join us from anywhere.’

For Terry, the most rewarding information sessions focus on retirement.

‘There are so many unknowns for people who are about to retire. They might know the date they intend to retire, but they don’t know what to do in the lead-up, and they certainly don’t know what’s going to happen after they retire.’

‘Being able to talk them through the process — that they’ll need to go to Centrelink, how Centrelink works out if they qualify for the age pension, have they thought about how much money they’ll need in retirement, how long they’ll be retired, what they’re going to do in retirement — these things are important.’

And it’s not just members that Spirit Super support this way. Employers also have access to personalised information sessions to help them understand and manage their super obligations.

‘We recently ran a webinar about stapling, which was very popular. We know employers are busy and need to stay up-to-date with super changes. So, we do what we can to make it as simple as possible to stay informed.’

Whether you’re new to the workforce, heading towards retirement or a dedicated business owner, our webinars and in-person sessions can take your super knowledge to the next level. See what’s coming up in your area.


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