Supporting our community

We love supporting our members and the communities they live and work in. Through strong community partnerships and impact investing, we can help build brighter communities now and well into the future.


Our partnerships

We’re proud to partner with inspiring not-for-profit and educational organisations in our communities across Australia.


Imagine a world without your mate. If you notice something’s up, kick off an R U OK? conversation. It could change a life.

R U OK? is one of Australia’s most well-known non-profit suicide prevention organisations. As a major partner of R U OK?, we give our members and their communities the tools to support mates, colleagues, friends, and family when they need it most.

Learn more about R U OK?


Young Achiever Awards 

Young achiever awards

Australia is full of amazing young people doing amazing things to improve our communities. The Young Achiever Awards acknowledge, encourage, and promote the positive achievements of all young people throughout Australia.

Find out more about the Young Achiever Awards.


Celebrating community champions

Strong and vibrant communities are built on hard-work, passion, and dedication. Here are some of the organisations, events and awards we support to celebrate and recognise the everyday Australians that make our communities better.


Investing in our communities

We invest in your future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it now. We’ve allocated at least 15% of our portfolio to investments that reinvigorate our local communities. The focus of our impact investment strategy is to: 

  • support small businesses and strengthen Australian communities
  • support the transition to a low carbon economy

Learn more about our impact investment and approach to ESG.

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