What is an Industry SuperFund? 

You’ve probably heard of an Industry SuperFund and know they’re a good thing, but do you know why? 


An Industry SuperFund is a fund that works for you

An Industry SuperFund:

  • is run only to benefit members
  • has low fees
  • has never paid commissions to financial planners

Industry SuperFunds were originally set up to look after the super and retirement needs of people in specific industries, protecting them from high fees and commissions. Now all Australians can join, no matter what industry you work in.

Why we’re proud to be an Industry SuperFund

We exist to benefit you

Our members’ best interests are at the heart of everything we do. As an Industry SuperFund, we’re run to benefit you and not external shareholders. This means profits are returned to the fund and our members, instead of being paid out as dividends as is the case with retail super funds (typically run by banks and investment companies).

Low fees, insurance options and quality service

A key benefit of Industry SuperFunds is their low fees, while still providing long-term performance, high quality, professional advice, a range of investment choices and insurance options.

We keep our fees as low as possible and provide truly personalised, award-winning customer service1.

We also offer affordable and flexible insurance to protect you and your family if you get sick or injured and can no longer work.

1Ranked as the best customer experience performer in the super sector (CSBA Sense CX Benchmark 2021-22)

A history of strong performance

We have a history of strong investment returns2 and offer nine investment options across a range of asset classes. You can choose just one or you can spread your super across a mix of options.

2Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future performance

On average, Industry SuperFunds have out-performed retail super funds over the past five, ten and 20 years3. This means better value, better returns and a more comfortable life in retirement for you.

If you’d switched to an Industry SuperFund 20 years ago, on average you’d be around $95,000 better off than in a retail super fund. Even if you’d only switched 10 ($18,186) or 5 years ago ($5,113), you’d still be better off. 3

3 https://www.industrysuper.com/campaigns/compare-the-pair/

Personalised advice and no commissions to financial planners

Super can be complicated. That’s why we offer education and advice from our super experts, available at no extra cost to you — it’s included in the administration fees and costs charged to your account.

As an Industry SuperFund, we only charge what we need to and we don’t charge you to profit shareholders. Our Superannuation Advisers are our employees, so they’re paid a salary. They don’t receive any fees or commissions for any personal or general advice provided to you. 

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