Diversity & inclusion

Our members and employers come from all walks of life — so we need a team that reflects this.

How we embrace the best in everybody

We believe differences make us stronger and are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and innovation where everyone is welcome.
When recruiting and promoting, we value and actively seek diverse experiences and perspectives.
We work hard to ensure our people keep growing and learning by nurturing a supportive, flexible, values-driven organisation that empowers them to be their best.

What do we mean by diversity?

Diversity is the differences that make our people unique. It includes their social identity — cultural background, age, disability, gender, religious beliefs, LGBTQIA+ status — and their professional identity — profession, education, experience, and role.

What do we mean by inclusion?

Inclusion means that all Spirit Super employees feel and are valued and respected and have a sense of belonging. It also means they feel empowered to contribute their unique talents every day, and have equal development opportunities.

Good for us = good for members

Apart from providing a great work culture and environment, diversity builds strength, increases creativity, broadens our vision and capabilities, and leads to better outcomes for our members. It’s all about embracing the spirit of who we are, so we can do what we do best.