Change your cover

You can reduce, cancel or apply to increase or change your cover at any time.

Cancel or opt-out of cover

Cancel your cover

To cancel or reduce your cover, you can:

Opt out of cover

You can opt out of cover within 30 days of your cover commencing. If you opt-out within 30 days, we’ll refund any insurance fees you’ve paid into your account.

To opt-out of cover, you can:

By cancelling or opting out of insurance, you: 

  • may have less cover than you need
  • won't be able to make a claim for insurance benefits for events or conditions that arise after your cover has been cancelled
  • will no longer have insurance costs deducted from your account, once your final costs have been deducted.

If you’re replacing your cover, you shouldn’t cancel your existing cover until the replacement cover is in place.

Before making changes to your cover, consider your circumstances and whether you need advice. You can chat to one of our super experts by calling us on 1800 005 166.

Get more cover

If you don't have cover or would like to increase your cover, you can apply for fixed cover. If accepted, any default cover you have will convert to fixed cover and be combined with the amount you applied for. If you fix your cover, you won't be eligible for default cover in the future.

Once you have fixed cover, the amount of cover you have will stay the same while the amount you pay for the cover will change as you get older.

To apply to increase your cover, you can:

Convert default cover to fixed cover

If you have default cover, you can convert this to fixed cover and keep the same amount of cover over time. Once you have fixed cover, the cost of you cover will change each year to reflect your age. If you fix your cover, you will not be eligible for default cover in the future.

To change your default cover to fixed cover, you can:

Transfer cover from another insurer

If you have insurance elsewhere, you can apply to transfer that cover to us (subject to conditions).

To apply to transfer cover to Spirit Super, you can:

Life events cover

If your personal circumstances have changed, you can apply to increase your cover without having to provide detailed health information (subject to conditions). 

To apply for life events cover, you can:

Get more information

Before you make any changes to your cover, read our Insurance guide

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