The Long-term option aims to achieve moderate to high investment returns, while accepting a medium to high level of investment risk. This option is only available as part of a Managed Pension.

Effective date: 17 Jun 2024


The Long-term option invests in a diversified range of investments to help your money last through retirement. This option is only available as part of a Managed Pension. The graph shows the value of an initial investment of $1,000 in this option over time.


    Investment performance shown to 31 March 2021 is for Tasplan’s Long-term investment option. (The Long-term investment option commenced on 1 July 2019.)

    The investment performance figure is normally updated every business day when unit prices are updated, and is net of fees, costs and investment-related taxes. See Important information below for more details.  

    Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future performance. 

    Over rolling 5-year periods, after investment fees and costs, transaction costs and investment-related taxes.

    Deducted from investment returns before they’re allocated to your account through the daily determination of unit prices. See Important information below.

    Risk band 5

    You may expect 3-4 negative annual returns in a 20-year period.

    The Long-term investment option is only available as part of the Managed Pension. If you have another account type, you won’t be able to invest in the Long-term option.

    Strategic asset allocation

    This is the target range for holdings in each asset class within an option. The asset allocation may be re-balanced within these ranges to help achieve the option’s investment return objective.

    Investment fees and costs and transaction costs 

    The investment and transaction fees and costs are estimates only. The actual fees and costs may vary from year to year. For more details, read our Fees and costs fact sheet (super members) or our Pension guide.

    Unit prices  
    Normally, unit prices will be determined for each business day and posted to our investment option pages. We may defer or delay the determination of unit prices whenever we consider this to be in the best financial interests of members.  A business day is generally considered to be Monday through Friday and excludes weekends and national public holidays. 

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