Merger information

Important information about the upcoming merge between MTAA and Tasplan.

Introducing Spirit Super

On 1 April 2021, MTAA Super and Tasplan merged to become Spirit Super.

As a Spirit Super member, you get low fees, excellent service and all the info you need when you need it. We aim to deliver strong investment returns to help grow your super faster. We’re a profit-to-member industry fund for all Australians, and we’re here to make your super work as hard you do.

Read more about who we are and what we stand for.

You’re in control of your insurance

At Spirit Super, you control your insurance. You can reduce, cancel or apply to increase your cover at any time, even during the limited services period.

Find out how to make changes to your cover.

Your insurance choice carries over

If you made an election with MTAA Super or Tasplan to keep your insurance cover even if your super account becomes inactive, this election is still valid at Spirit Super. You don’t need to make this election again.

Please note: Even if you’ve chosen to maintain cover, you can reduce, cancel or apply to increase your cover at any time, including during the Limited Services Period. Find out your options for making changes to your cover.

Your Spirit Super welcome pack will help you get started

Your Spirit Super welcome pack is coming in mid May by email or post. It will have everything you need to get started with your new Spirit Super account, including:

  • an account summary
  • your new member number
  • confirmation of your insurance cover amount and costs (if any)
  • BPAY details so you can make personal contributions
  • your Member Online login details

Important information about what’s changed

Spirit Super is a bit different! Read the documents in this section to find out how your account may have changed when it moved over from MTAA Super or Tasplan.

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