Understanding Super

Your super is an important part of your financial plan for the future, so it’s important to look after it now, so it can look after you in retirement.

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Stick with us and you’ll continue to enjoy our excellent service and expert advice. Plus, with only one super account you can keep track of your savings more easily, and you’ll save by not paying fees across multiple super funds.

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Nominate who gets your super

By nominating one or more beneficiaries, you can ensure your hard-earned savings keep supporting your loved ones after you've gone.

Super isn't automatically included in your will, so if you don't tell us where it should go, we'll decide based on relevant laws. By making your wishes known, you can also help your loved ones access your super quicker to reduce stress and heartache during an already difficult time.

Access your super

Super is all about saving for your retirement, so there are rules about how and when you can access it. Generally, you need to have reached your preservation age and met a condition of release before you can access your super. However, life doesn't always go to plan, so there are some circumstances when you can get early access to some or all of your super.

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Transferring your SMSF into Spirit Super

Running a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a serious commitment and can take more time, effort, and money than you’d like. If you’re sick of the hassle of managing an SMSF, you might consider rolling some or all of your funds over to us. You should consider getting professional advice before making a decision.

Low income super tax offset

The low income super tax offset (LISTO) is a government super payment of up to $500 each year to help low-income earners save for retirement. If you earn less than $37,000 each year, you may be eligible for this payment.

When contributions are received into your super account, 15% is deducted as contributions tax and paid to the ATO. If you’re eligible for the LISTO, you’ll get a payment into your super account that’s equal to the 15% contributions tax you’ve paid in a financial year, up to a maximum of $500 each financial year.

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First Home Super Saver Scheme

Build your super and use it to take that important first step onto the property ladder.

The First Home Super Saver Scheme is a government initiative designed to help improve housing affordability for first home buyers. Because of the special tax treatment super gets, you can use your super account to save for your first home deposit faster.

Fees and costs

We keep our fees low, so you have more to invest for the future.

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