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Third Party Services

Spirit Super members may be able to access services provided by third parties. These third-party services are provided by businesses that are separate and independent from Spirit Super. The availability and terms and conditions of these services are determined by the third party who provides them. These services may be changed or discontinued at any time.

360Health Virtual Care

Expert medical support and guidance from the comfort of your own home. We've partnered with our insurer, MetLife, to offer a safe and convenient way for our members and their immediate families to access virtual health services through 360Health Virtual Care, an integrated healthcare program with virtual consultations provided by Teladoc Health1.

What is 360Health Virtual Care?

360Health Virtual Care offers a range of personalised services that Spirit Super members, their partners, children, parents and parents-in-law can access at no extra cost for help with medical concerns right from the comfort of home. The services include:

Mental health assist

  • Book an in-depth mental health review by a team of Australian experts and receive ongoing support. You need to be 18 years or older to access this service.

Second medical opinion

  • Request an in-depth second opinion on any medical condition. Global experts and specialists will review your medical files and provide their clinical opinion on your medical condition along with treatment recommendations for you to share with your primary care provider.

GP online

  • Ask a question online and have it answered from a general practitioner (GP), mental health clinician, or paediatrician within 24 hours.

Nutrition consultation

  • Discuss your wellbeing and approach to diet with a qualified dietitian and receive a personalised nutrition plan and ongoing support.

Fitness and recovery

Seek advice and a personalised plan from an exercise physiologist to improve your fitness or recover from an injury or illness.

How do I access 360Health Virtual Care?

You can access the service:

Who can access the service?

Any Spirit Super member or member of their family (partner, children, parents and parents-in-law) can access 360Health Virtual Care at no additional cost.

What happens when I access the service?

You'll be contacted by a Teladoc Health clinician who will discuss your health concerns with you. They'll identify what services may be right for you and will make any required bookings. You may need to sign a consent form so your medical information can be securely shared with Teladoc clinicians. Your Teladoc Health clinician will guide and support you through this process.

Why are we offering this service to members?

When living expenses increase, healthcare often takes a back seat.

We believe that prioritising healthcare not only promotes physical and mental wellness but also contributes to financial wellbeing. That's why we think having access to free virtual healthcare resources is so important for our members.


Spirit Super has no involvement in the provision of the above services by Teladoc Health and is not responsible for the nature or quality of those services. Spirit Super does not recommend or endorse the above services or receive any financial benefit if you choose to use these services. Should you choose to use any of the above services, you do so at your own risk based on your own enquiries and on the terms and conditions, including as to your privacy, on which those services are provided by Teladoc Health. Spirit Super respects your privacy and does not supply your personal details to Teladoc Health. Please contact Spirit Super on 1800 005 166 or write to GPO Box 1547, Hobart TAS 7001 if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

1360Health Virtual Care is a service provided by Teladoc Health. Teladoc Health is a separate and independent entity to Spirit Super and MetLife, and neither Spirit Super nor MetLife will be responsible for the nature or quality of services provided by Teladoc Health. MetLife is the appointed Group insurer for Spirit Super. Access to these services will be at MetLife’s reasonable discretion and is for all eligible Spirit Super members who have received a specific code to activate the service. MetLife reserves the right to reasonably discontinue or change the services at any time

Great news!

We’ve teamed up with nib to offer Spirit Super members discounted private health insurance.


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Unlock your member benefits:

  • Save on cover for you and your family with the nib corporate discount of up to 10%. 1
  • New to health insurance? Skip the 2 and 6 month waiting periods on Extras services like general dental, optical & physio.2
  • Already have health insurance with another fund? Switching is easy, and you won’t have to re-serve waiting periods for equivalent benefits.
  • Additional discount of up to 10% on hospital cover for eligible people under 30 via the Aged Based Discount.
  • Access discounts and offers on hundreds of everyday items and experiences via nib Rewards.
Woman sitting peacefully on a lake jetty with her son, using a bubble wand.

Contact 1800 13 14 63 and ask for the Spirit Super member plan

Woman sitting peacefully on a lake jetty with her son, using a bubble wand.

Contact 1800 13 14 63 and ask for the Spirit Super member plan


1Discounts vary on some products. Overseas student’s health cover and international workers health insurance not included.

2New members only joining a combined Hospital and Extras Australian resident’s health insurance product.